Wheelchairs & access

One of our classic rooms has been tastefully furnished, to allow anyone to enjoy a holiday at Fairway Lodge.  There is ramp providing easy access into the room and a very spacious wet-floor shower which can be used by everyone.  The entrance to the lodge breakfast room has a ramp and there is plenty of space for wheelchair access.

The bed is either a 6ft double or splits into two divans and there is room for wheelchair movement around the bed.

Access to the house is via a 3 foot (90cm) concrete ramp, this leads to the rear door which is 33” (84cm) wide. This door has a small 4” (10cm) step and affords entry into the large hallway.

The door to our accessibility room is 31” (79cm) wide and leads directly off of the hallway.

The room has beds which are 22” (56cm) in height. The en-suite wet room is entered by another door which is 31” (79cm) wide with plenty of room for wheelchair users. The sink is 31” (79cm) in height and the toilet is 17.5” (44.5cm) in height. The shower area is approximately 27” X 72” (68.5 X 183cm) and both the shower and toilet area have grab handles.

We appreciate that the accommodation might not suit everyone; therefore please discuss your needs with us so we can help you decide if it will be suitable for you.
Good disabled parking is provided adjacent to the room.

Tel: +44 1837 55122 

Walk In shower